More Solutions. Fewer Taxes.

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City residents are fed up with high property taxes and poorly managed resources and they have every right to be.

For far too long, our elected officials have resorted to imposing more taxes, fines, and fees on citizens to “fix” their budget issues and it must stop.

Rather than continuing to support this ineffective approach, our alderman should be exploring alternative ways we can generate revenue WITHOUT increasing property taxes on our residents. I know this is possible because I’ve done it throughout my career.

During my time serving as the Chief of Staff to the City’s CFO, I spearheaded the expressway digital billboard initiative. The first of its kind in Chicago, this innovative project is on track to generate over $200 million in revenue.

This is just one of many examples of projects that can help us achieve fiscal responsibility that doesn't require increasing taxes.

Equally as important, our alderman should be proactively working to restoring economic vitality in our ward by attracting new businesses here and preventing existing ones from shuttering.

It's no secret that businesses are fleeing the 43rd ward. High rent, unnecessary taxes, and excessive red tape have hindered growth and must be addressed (read more).

As the former community development manager for mHUB, I know how to not only attract businesses but establish a setting where they can last and thrive. When this climate exists, it's a win-win for our economy.

These are just a few of many examples that can (and will) be achieved when we have a proven leader in place who's willing to develop solutions that achieve results.

If elected alderman for the 43rd ward, I will work tirelessly to identify and execute initiatives like these for our neighborhoods, because our citizens deserve better.

I hope you will support me in this upcoming election so that together we can change the current tax-heavy climate and restore economic vitality in our ward.

If you'd like to discuss this matter or any other, please do not hesitate to contact us here

Thank you,

Jacob Ringer 
Candidate for Alderman
43rd Ward


jacob ringer 43rd ward alderman chicago candidate lincoln park