Economic Development in the 43rd Ward

economic development in the 43rd ward

The 43rd ward is a place where businesses should thrive, not shutter. Simply put, our ward has far too many vacant storefronts and it's time we have an alderman who is proactive about bringing local and national businesses back. 

First, and foremost, we need a full-time alderman who will be a passionate advocate for our neighborhood with small business to locate here.

I know this can be done because it’s happening in surrounding neighborhoods in other wards such as Southport Corridor and Six Corners. There is no reason the same level of economic development cannot take place in the 43rd ward.

We should work with, not against, property owners to lower costs and rent, and also advocate with incoming Cook County Assessor to update the economic incentives for landlords to encourage more storefront rental. The city should be a partner to business owners, not a roadblock. 

Furthermore, we can better manage city services like street construction and remove red tape that disincentivize business owners from locating in the 43rd ward, including allowing business to have temporary signs and awnings when they open (versus having to wait six to nine months to put one up); allowing multi-year patio licenses; removing residential neighborhoods from the MPEA tax boundaries, and other common-sense changes.

The above points are just a few ways we can revitalize Halsted, Clark and Lincoln areas, and as the 43rd ward's next alderman, I would proactively lead these efforts to ensure and create a business-friendly climate that benefits both owners and residents.